Privacy Policy shows importance to the actual privacy of our users and visitors and so we focus on giving them the best security when we gather details from them. Our existing Privacy Policy can help all the regular users and readers in determining how we need to use all the data we gather from them. To prevent any kind of issue, it is important for all users and visitors to accept their responsibility and must understand this Privacy Policy before they can proceed and review the content before using them.

Collecting of Information

This dependable website needs to collect information from all visiting people such as their names, home addresses, email addresses, ages, genders, employments and citizenship. On the other hand, we do not gather or collect their personal data without proper consent or they need to submit them in voluntary. When we need to use the collected information, our intention is to speed up the process of completing the requests and we do not use the information for any sort of illegal activity. We only share the information to all legitimate partners, service providers as well as agencies from the government with certain purposes.

Internet Beacons or Cookies

We collect and use Internet beacons or cookies to help us in determining all useful information about all visiting people and users. The necessary information we usually check include the Operating System (OS), IP and browsers from people who are using our website and searching for the available content we provide. This kind of procedure is crucial to help determine the number of people who are currently active and on how we utilize the shared content.

Definitely, we respect the different cookie policies and that include the policy of the European Union (EU) region when it comes to checking all the information coming from their users.

As owner of, we have the authority in checking, viewing and changing whatever information we find unlawful without asking any consent.


All of the information or data from this website are available for general purposes only. Meaning, will make an effort to keep updated information and we do not represent or warrant in any way, regarding the suitability and reliability with respect to the existing service from our site. As soon as a person decides to access and use the information, it is entirely on his/her own risk to accept the consequences.

When visiting and using our website, it is possible for a user to link with other partnered websites, but must follow the exact rules and conditions. We do not have any control or authority on the provided information or service coming from these websites. Furthermore, we do not recommend linking to other available sites because a user has the prerogative to decide.

As owner of this online site, we give all efforts to make sure it functions properly. On the other hand, has no responsibility and/or liability for any technical issue that is beyond our authority.